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"Owned by a Cattleman, Run by a Cattleman, Working for the Cattlemen"

Welcome to the online home of Spiritwood Stockyards. We have regular sales every week at our location. We are located in the town of Spiritwood, Saskatchewan.

Three new sales have been posted to the sales schedule page of the site. The Northern Alliance Bull sale takes place on Friday March 14th at 1 pm. The Ag Society Bull Sale is on Saturday March 22nd at 1 pm and the Branding the Best sale is scheduled for April 12th at 2 pm. Please contact us at Spiritwood Stockyards for complete details on these three upcoming sales.


Spiritwood Stockyards Schedule for 2014 is now posted. Please check the schedules for our complete listing of events.

Please check the commissions page as certain fess have increased as of January 1st 2014.


Now you can watch all of the regular sales at Spiritwood Stockyards from the comfort of your home computer. Spiritwood Stockyards has worked with TEAM to stream sales from Spiritwood Stockyards. All you have to do is click HERE and register at the TEAM web site. Contact us at Spiritwood Stockyards for complete details


Please check back every Thursday to see the the weekly market reports located in the report section of the site.


Trucking Companies

We have compiled a list of trucking companies that have brought animals to our facilities. That list can be found here


Here we have additional information that will help you understand Spiritwood Stockyards:

Commissions - This page explains our commissions rates on various animals at our various types of sales.

Ways to lose money on your cattle - This page explains what the most common problems that cattle have that cost the producers extra money on each animal.


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